It’s what’s NEXT for the greater good of the region
It’s the 495 Northern Extension (NEXT) project


Driving enhancements to improve your quality of life

The 495 Northern Extension (NEXT) project includes regional improvements that will:

Drive positive economic impact by connecting critical commercial centers, creating an estimated 6,300 jobs and spurring $880 million in economic activity during project development and construction
Reduce cut-through traffic on local roads in McLean and Great Falls, increasing safety and returning the local roads to local residents
Promote safer commuting by reducing the number of accidents along 495 by 20%
Kickstart long-term environmental benefits by prompting a net reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, delivering a new 3-mile bicycle and pedestrian trail, and updating storm water management systems
Expand transit service between Fairfax County and Maryland; today, zero bus lines run across the American Legion Bridge—a crucial connection for regional commuters
Provide an option for faster, more reliable travel—reducing commuting times by 50% during rush hour for those who choose to use the Express Lanes
Set the stage for expansion of the American Legion Bridge, which will relieve the most significant choke point in the region


What is Project NEXT?

495 NEXT is a two-mile extension of the current 495 Express Lanes north to the George Washington Memorial Parkway. The project is fully funded by the private sector and will drive economic development and improve traffic flow throughout the corridor.

495 NEXT includes new connections at the Dulles Toll Road and George Washington Memorial Parkway, providing shorter travel times and reducing cut through traffic on local roads. It also sets the stage for the Capital Beltway Accord project, which will rebuild the American Legion Bridge and extend the 495 Express Lanes across the Potomac River into Maryland—one of the most congested corridors in the country.